When you visit us in Hammond, Indiana, bring your grocery list!

  Doing business in downtown Hammond, Indiana,
will save you money on your groceries!

Chicago leads largest cities in sales tax

By Mary Ellen Podmolik
Posted Aug. 9, 2010 at 4:58 p.m.

Itís another dubious honor for Chicago.

Just as Illinois touts its first sales-tax holiday, a new report highlights Chicago as having among the highest retail sales tax rates of the nationís largest cities. At 9.75 percent once county, mass transit and city taxes are added to the statewide 6.25 percent sales tax, Chicagoís tax rate  is equal to that of Los Angeles.







Annual Chicago Sales Tax on
Your Grocery Bill in Chicago:


(Based on Family of Four spending $800 a month on groceries!)

Take 10 % OFF your
grocery bill!




Hammond is 30 miles from downtown Chicago Loop...

$6 one way on the South Shore commuter rail from Millennium Station to Hammond depot.


Annual Sales Tax on
  your Grocery bill in

$ 0.00 !

You or your employees will save more than $720 a year in sales tax when you buy your groceries in downtown Hammond, Indiana.

This represents a savings in employee expenditures and a better quality of life.


Indiana has:

No Sales Tax on Food!

Lower sales taxes!

Lower corporate taxes!

 A more business friendly environment!





Money Saving Advantages Between Chicago and Hammond, Indiana






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