To have a successful company
first be sure it is located
in a successful state!
      Indiana State Government
Reports $2.15 Billion Reserve Balance
July 12, 2012


Hoosiers know how to create and sustain a viable and healthy state economy!
While other States are raising taxes, adding fees, and bordering on bankruptcy, 
the State of Indiana has a surplus budget of $2.15 billion which strengthens the economy of the State leading to an improved quality of life for its citizens.

If you want to run a strong company, run it from a strong state!

Indiana can show you how to manage your funds, invest in the community and create new business levels of profitability.

Indiana means business!
Join us!

Financial stability enables you to create better plans to manage the future success of your company.

You might be just 30 miles away from Profitability!



Chicago Tribune Business
Illinois' state debt climbs to $21,607 per person

Only California, New York and Texas are carrying more debt. Blame the pensions.

October 02, 2012

Citing the state's ongoing financial problems, Moody's Investor Service on Friday downgraded
Illinois's credit rating to the lowest of any state in the country.

Moody Bond Rating:

Illinois - A+                            Indiana AAA



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